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Don’t Do Anything By Half

4 Apr

words to live by


Have You Put One On Today?

17 Mar

Have You Put One On Today?

I find we are so rarely ourselves, without reservation. We say things and do things to conform to other’s or societies norms. We hold back different aspects of our personality because we fear that we may not be accepted or loved for our quirks. We all have masks in the sense of we all have a certain persona we want to project. Find someone who loves all that which lies behind the mask.


I Miss This Beautiful Lady And Berlin…!

11 Mar

I Miss This Beautiful Lady And Berlin...!

Prinz Pi Classic

11 Mar

Hungry Heart

25 Feb


Love has the power to heal and also the power to destroy. When you love someone you make yourself vunerable. You give yourself to another person in the hope that they will be able to see your worth and treat you accordingly.

In life sometimes you experience different kinds of love. Your first love is usually an all consuming love. You haven’t learned moderation is key in a relationship, yet. You’re helpless to this feeling that devours your soul and leaves you wanting more. Separation if only for short a period of time leaves you desolate and anxious to be with that other person. They feel like solid ground in a world of constant change. The known in a vastness of unknown.

As you grow older your love changes. You stop believeing in the fairytale love you heard about as a child. You accept your imperfections and realize that love has taken on a differnt meaning. One of companionship. Another person bearing witness to all of life’s triumphs and tragedies. You relish your alone time and your love matures in the fact that it is more independent. You find you can be happy on your own and that the love you have is not intoxicating and ravaging as it was before. Not to say it lacks passion or rigor but it is not the dibilitaing kind of your first. You still feel vunerable you still have that fear of giving everything and it not measuring up but you also have found your own identity in the love you feel. You find that even though you’ve suffered at the hand of fickle love, you have so much still left to give.


Afternoon Music. Sunshine Getaway.

25 Feb

Afternoon Music. Sunshine Getaway.

“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return”

24 Feb

Another day done and over with. I’m off to bed, with about a million thoughts racing through my head.

Before I sleep I always think about everything. Sometimes it takes hours before I can finally fall asleep. I think about my day, the interactions I had with people. What I said and didn’t say, what others said and how I reacted in different situations.

I think about my life, my dreams, my fears, my hopes and aspirations.

I wonder about the people I have met in my journey through life. What they are doing in that exact moment. Are they happy? or sad? What’s something that made them laugh that day or even something that weighed heavily on their mind.

I can honestly say I am grateful for every encounter I have had, whether good or bad, it has made me into the person I am today.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotations: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”