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Have You Put One On Today?

17 Mar

Have You Put One On Today?

I find we are so rarely ourselves, without reservation. We say things and do things to conform to other’s or societies norms. We hold back different aspects of our personality because we fear that we may not be accepted or loved for our quirks. We all have masks in the sense of we all have a certain persona we want to project. Find someone who loves all that which lies behind the mask.


Constant Personal Evolution

25 Feb

Woke up this morning in one of those states where you fervently cling to your dream. Where on some subconscious level you know that whatever you’re dreaming of is not the reality you know in your conscious state.

I snoozed four times before I finally grudgingly left my bed to make a cup of coffee. I crammed all the information that I needed for my religion test and set out to catch the bus.

Outside, the sun had decided to finally make an appearence which lifted my spirits a tid bit. Lost in my reverie, I almost missed my stop. I quickly hurried out before the door closed.

I was the first person to arrive and set about making my desk ready. I wrote my exam with ease and was fairly confident, until we started talking about the questions afterwards, where I quickly realized I had in fact made quite a few mistakes. Disheartened I spent the rest of the class only half listening to the discussion were were having about Ramadon. I can really get down and out when I don’t live up to the expectations I have set for myself.. BUT I also have learned to accept that I tried my best and that’s all anyone can do.

Finally, I finished off the morning with my ever amusing English class. I relish the two hours on a Monday where I can just sit back and relax, instead of being fully concentrated on the teacher and taking part in the discussions.

My last class was canceled and I happily left school to head home and relax. The journey home, without my music left me once again to my thoughts.

I sat waiting for the bus pondering what really makes up a person’s identity. I don’t believe that the true essence of a person lies in any materialistic items they posess. Then I got to thinking. Is a person the sum of all their failures and triumphs combined? Or only their triumphs? or just their failures? Are we what we love? Are we the things we find most important in life? Do our personal set of morals define our character?

I believe that we cannot say for certain at any time in our lives exactly what makes us the person we are. We are in a constant state of change. We are shedding old beliefs as well as aquiring new ones. We are the sum of our deeds but also our aspirations. I am not the person I was yesterday but also not the person I will or could be tomorrow. I say could because not everyone wishes to change. Some are happy as the person they descovered themselves to be in their twenties.. or forties and therefore stop this constant personal evolution. That being said though, sometimes events in our lives change us and we have no control of that change. I can think of the most common example, loss. When you lose somebody close to you, you are changed whether you want to or nor you will never be the same person you were before you lost them.

I will always try to better myself while at the same time accepting myself for where I am at. I am far from perfect but I’ve grown to love the person I have become. It’s not always easy but as I said I am a work in progess.